Aids-Acodev Cameroon

Aids-Acodev Cameroon is a nonprofit association that provides support to the most vulnerable and under-served population, particularly to men, women and transgender commercial sex workers. Recognized since 2009 by the Prefecture of Wouri, ACODECameroon is governed under the Law No. 90/053.


ACODES Cameroon envisions a dynamic Cameroonian society that is highly tolerant of individual rights.


ACODES Cameroon works to promote the human rights of men, women and transgender commercial sex workers. We advocate for the rights to adequate medical services, to information, training and education of the most vulnerable and discriminated population.


  • Solidarity and tolerance
  • Sex worker and proud of it

 Main Objectives

  •   To decrease, by prevention activities, the spread of HIV / AIDS and STIs in the community, particularly among women sex workers, bisexual and transgender; 
  • To work with and for sex workers and transgender;
  • To end human trafficking for sexual exploitation;
  • To creates a core group of volunteers regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, to search for sustainable solutions to promote the rights of the most the vulnerable and discriminated against;
  • To mobilize and empower women, commercial sex workers because they are a powerful actors in the fight against HIV/AIDS for themselves, their families and community members;
  • To gather and publish information and materials on issues pertinent to these marginalized and under-served population. 


  •  Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and other STIs;
  • Support and care of the most marginalized and vulnerable members, by working to end exclusion and discrimination, in addition to promoting access to all basic services for sex workers;
  • Nocturnal outreach visits, from Friday to Sunday on many sites for commercial sex workers including motel rooms in the city of Douala in particular;
  • Home visits to provide moral support and counseling to members who are un-well;
  • Campaign and advocacy in the Cameroonian parliament to bring attention on the human rights abuses suffering commercial sex workers because of the 1972 Presidential Ordinance criminalizing prostitution and solicitation, under Section 343. 


Facebook: Aids-Acodev Cameroon


Tel:  +237 76 49 49 89