It is undeniable that media greatly affects modern society’s worldview, especially with the widespread use of the Internet.  As media outlets move online, the Internet becomes more accessible to more Africans—and as more LGBTQ people use this new technology, we at QAYN have decided not to limit ourselves to being consumers of media, but to produce our own media. 

It is to that aim that we conceptualized the first pan-African, bilingual (English/French), quarterly LGBTI online magazine, Q-zine

Q-zine is a bilingual online magazine by, for and about LGBTQ Africans, living both on the African continent and the Diaspora. The overall goal of the magazine is to provide an inspiring and creative outlet for LGBTQ Africans and allies to celebrate, debate and explore the creativity and cultural richness of African queer life in and outside of Africa. Our ambition is to encourage LGBTQ Africans and allies to decide for themselves how they should be represented in the media and popular culture by being their own storytellers. 

Q-zine is available on a digital format.