Queer Alliance Nigeria 

Who We Are

Queer Alliance Nigeria (QA) is a human rights, health advocacy and support group for the LGBTI community in Nigeria. Our mission is to create an enabling environment for the liberation (respect and recognition) of the fundamental human rights of LGBTIQ Nigeria through advocacy, education, research and publications. Our vision is a non-discriminatory Nigeria society on any grounds, most especially on sexual orientation. Our aims and objectives as an organization are streamlined into the three main areas in which we work namely: advocacy, education, research and publications/documentaries.

ADVOCACY: representation, defending and advocating for the respect, recognition and protection of the human rights of LGBTIQ and inclusion in legislative instrument as members of the Nigeria society.

EDUCATION: our educational initiatives are divided into sexual health and non-sexual health educational programs for the community. At such we look into issues of HIV/AIDS/STIs, book reading club, empowerment/ leadership development, capacity building amongst other.

RESEARCH, PUBLICATIONS and DOCUMENTARIES: using research and publications to foster and encourage a more tolerant society, challenging both social and religious homophobia and de-constructing myths on homosexuality. At such Queer Alliance is currently researching on the concept of same sex sexualities in African indigenous religions/spiritualties with a core emphasis on the Yoruba religion in South Western Nigeria. We are also currently working with a Nigerian international Photojournalist, Andrew Esiebo in documenting life stories of LGBTIQ most especially lesbian and bisexual women, especially on discrimination, abuse and violence.


INTEGRITY: Consistent, committed and transparent in our decisions and conduct. Fulfilling our mission and conducting ourselves in a way that is true to our identity.

DIVERSITY: We shall seek to learn from the different ways of life in our community and the Nigerian society at large, opinions as represented by LGBTI persons in Nigeria themselves. We respect and actively encourage the participation of LGBTI and non-LGBTI alike in order to achieve our aims. This aims to raise awareness and promote a developed understanding of sexual diversity. It provides information in relation to appropriate terminology and definitions, the legislative framework in the area of sexual orientation and gender history.

PARTICIPATION: We seek to create a dynamic environment, where everyone can get involved in the building up of the community and the Nigerian society. We believe that the participation of everyone in the struggle for human rights is paramount in its achievement.

DIALOGUE: Engage in dialogue with community leaders, political office holders, legislators, civil society group and spiritual leaders amongst for better understanding of the rights and needs of LGBTI.


  1.  Human rights advocacy and activism for the LGBTI community in Nigeria.
  2. Advocacy for the health needs of LGBTI persons in Nigeria and provide services where possible and appropriately.
  3. Publications:  Developing resources and creating strategic knowledge in issues of sexuality, health and human rights as it affects sexual minorities in Nigeria. This would include magazines, tracts, leaflets, booklets, books, etc.
  4. Empowerment/Safe Spaces: Empowering the less educationally qualified LGBTI persons in building income and resources to sustain their livelihood and leadership skills for educationally qualified LGBTI persons. We would also create safe spaces in which sexual minorities can be themselves and express their sexuality without fear.
  5. Research for better advocacy for the fundamental human rights of LGBTI persons in Nigeria.


The organization’s leadership is in two chains: the Board of Directors and the Project Team


The Board of Directors is also composed of 2 young persons. The Board of Directors is made up of 2 females and 3 male. It is the highest decision making body of the organization. Below is a brief bio-data of members of the Board of Directors.

DOROTHY AKEN’OVA: She is the founder and Executive Director of International Centre for Reproductive and Sexual Rights which started in 2000. A human rights activist and feminist of repute. She is supportive of sexual minority issues in Nigeria and also was instrumental in the formation of the Coalition for the Defense of Sexual Minorities. It is no doubt that by her coming on board we shall draw from her expertise in human and sexual rights and health issues. She could be reached via darlyndotty@yahoo.co.uk

JOHN ADEWOYE: A Nigeria LGBTI activist with base in the Chicago, USA. He currently manages the organization COURAGE NIGERIA that reaches out to LGBTI persons of Nigerian decent in the USA and using the platform to also contribute to the liberation of the LGBTI community ion Nigeria. John Adewoye could be reach via couragenigeria@gmail.com.

UNOMA AZUAH: She is a writer and a college professor in the United States of America. Her writing has won her multiple awards, including the Prestigious Hellman/Hammet Award. One of her major research interest is sexuality issues, especially in Africa. She is also a board member of the International Resource Network (IRIN-Africa), a global community of teachers and researchers sharing knowledge about sexualities in Africa. Unoma can be reached at unomaazuah@gmail.com

VICTOR OGBODO: He is the Founder/Executive Director of Development Aid International. Victor has been at the forefront of human rights activism for the sexual minorities’ community in Nigeria. His work is a testimony of a Nigerian who believes in equal right for all persons irrespective of sexual orientation and gender identity.   We believe that his coming on board will bring diversity and youthfulness to the membership of the Board. Victor can be reached via victorogbu@yahoo.com

WILLIAMS RASHIDI: The founder and Director of Queer Alliance Nigeria, an open gay rights activist. Williams can be reached at rashwilliams@gmail.com



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